I love my life and I would not exchange it for anything in this world…


I take the bus to and from work. I really enjoy the drive. I just get in, pick a seat and grab my earphones and switch on the music. From that point on it’s just me and whatever tune I’m listening to. Then there are also days when I put in my earphones and just never switch it on. Yes, I do that. Lots of times. I just sit there….thinking. Thinking about my day, jokes I laughed at, my kids, the looks on their faces when I walk through the door and of course, my husband. All of this is what I look forward to each day while I sit on that bus in the afternoon. Everything my life revolves around, everything I live for.

And then this one question creeps on me….”How did things get so hectic?” Don’t get me wrong….I love my life. All the chaos. All the mayhem. All the shouting and screaming. It’s something that is part of me. Part of my life. But it also makes me wonder if I’m still there in between this wonderful chaos. I do realise that once you become a parent your life is never the same. Your life is not your own anymore. You sacrifice yourself, your time, almost everything for the sake of your kids’ well-being. I love my life and I would not exchange it for anything in this world but is it supposed to play out like this? Is every room in my house supposed to be turned up-side-down? Is the washing supposed to be piling up? Am I supposed to be so exhausted at the end of each day? I guess it’s not the case in every household. But in mine it is. And I don’t mind. I really don’t. And what I do tell myself is…I’m a mother. I’m a wife. I’m a homemaker. I’m a fulltime employee. I’m a part-time student. I have a lot on my plate.

Things won’t always go the way I want it to and it won’t be like this forever…


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