It was either my shower or the shoe…


After I told you how eventful my mornings are, I ve decided to update you whenever I can as it happens the chaos never stops.

So, this morning as soon as Alan left for work, I woke the kids up – that is after he already asked them to get up(twice) while he was still home. As per normal, I was totally ignored and just grabbed both duvets at the same time and pulled it off of them. I nearly got ninja-kicked by Azaria and Jaymee curled him up into a ball also not very happy with me.

This all happened just after 6am which gives them more than enough time to get done in time before their transport arrived at 7h10. Also, I am getting done for work while checking up on then every 5mins to see how far along they are. As I was busy taking a shower, Jaymee was just about to brush his teeth and there I hear the driver stopping outside. He started to panic, mumbling something about him still having to put on one shoe. I then asked him to just finish brushing his teeth and grab his shoe and put it on in the van because Azaria was already out by the door. Remember, I’m still in the shower and there he starts screaming that he can’t find his shoe….Whatttt??? The shoe that he had a few moments ago was gone. I told him to ask Azaria to come help him look because he can never find anything even if it’s staring hI’m in the face but that was not an option as she was sitting in the van already. After runine up and down a few times I finally herd the gate close after him. Gosh, I wasn’t willing to get out of that shower looking for a shoe. Later I heard that he found the shoe on the couch where he sat when he put the other one on.

I chose my shower over looking for a shoe….


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