I started a prayer journal…


I can still remember how my husband –  then boyfriend – argued over normal things that couples usually fight about and I would be home thinking about all the things I could have said but didn’t say. I would then grab a pen and paper and write him a letter and give it to him when I see him again. He would always look at the letter, probably thinking I’m crazy but after reading it he would understand what I meant. I wasn’t good at arguing (is that a good or a bad thing?) but I was good at expressing myself on paper. If I think about it now it’s strange that I never kept a diary all those years ago.

Being a mother of 3 small children, studying part time and working fulltime, I barely have time for myself. My husband usually reminds me that he was there first, obviously hinting for some attention from me. Prayer time is so limited and it usually happens in the morning on my way from where I get off at the bus stop to the office. People who walk pass me must think I’m talking to myself or something but that is the only time I have that I am not distracted by what is happening around me.

So, a while back, as was browsing through Pinterest, I came across a pin about journaling and it immediately sparked my interest to start journaling. We all face trying times every so often and in those moments we just need someone to listen to what is in your heart. And if you are like me that doesn’t have time for close friendships, you don’t always have someone to talk to and our partners doesn’t always understand. Keeping a prayer journal was the perfect way for me to jot down exactly what I want to tell God and require from Him and leave it at the alter. I don’t have worry about no-one judging me or going behind my back afterwards.

I found this notebook that I got at one of our conferences and covered it with small pieces of colourful paper that I printed and patched it together on the outside. I then covered the entire book with contact plastic and there you go…my own personalised journal!

Start one today. You will feel the difference after writing down your first entry.





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