These greys ain’t loyal…

My mom has 2 sisters and 4 brothers, she’s the eldest. All of them started getting grey hairs in their 20’s. I was no different. It’s not a big deal for me but I really did not expect it to happen to me this soon.

As you van see from the pictures in my post about my hair journey, I haven’t been wearing my natural hair colour for a while now which is why I wasn’t so noticeable for me. Only after I had cut all the colour off a couple of months ago, I could see how far along I’ve greyed already. It didn’t look that bad at first but over the weekend I did a blowout and my, oh my, was I surprised!

What I have noticed is that my hair goes all funny where the grey patches are. The strands seem to be thicker than the rest and the curl isn’t that defined when it’s wet. I really hope that this won’t interfere with my curl pattern or with how I style my hair in future. Guess I will just have to give them more love than the others…ha-ha…

Here are some pictures to see what it looks like…




Chat soon…




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