STREET STYLED: Sunday swag

I always had the idea that shopping for girls is so much easier than for boys. With girls, there’s always a huge variety of styles and looks to choose from, so much that you can sometimes go overboard – like I did. When we had Jaymee (eldest son), we had just as much fun as with Azaria. Jody came six years later and with the current trends for kids, I still cannot go wrong.

Here’s yesterday’s look – I asked him to pose for a picture and this is what he did:


I don’t know if he thinks he’s funny.


Still begging him to turn around.


I seriously don’t know what those signs mean.


Still no idea.


Okay. Just a few more shots.


That’s more like it.


Really getting into it now.


And finally a smile.


And then this.

You never know what you’re going to get with this one.

Shoes: Adidas nizza Totalsports

Skinny Jeans and cap: Mr Price

Shirt: gift from Grandma

Chat later!




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