Easter 2016 in a nutshell

On Thursday I left work early because I still needed to get to the shops to buy the rest of the ingredients to make my pickled fish. We only get to make it at Easter time so everyone was looking forward to it. By the time I got home I was so exhausted but the onions was not going to peel itself – I had to get cracking immediately. I never got around to buy the hot crossed buns(I only buy them from (Woolies) and luckily the were open on Friday so I made a turn there before heading off to church. Late the afternoon all of my husband’s siblings popped in for a quick visit and the last one left just after 11pm.


We were up early on Saturday to get to the shops, only left home by lunchtime but made it back just before the rain started to fall – my kind of weather :). We were watching movies till late and it felt so good not having to get up to make something to eat for anyone because everyone was helping themselves to the big bowl of pickled fish in the fridge whenever they were hungry. Sunday morning we were back at church for special service where everyone was treated to lunch afterwards. Again, I didn’t have to cook…yay!! On our way out I got a call from one of my sister in-laws babbling something about us forgetting about coming to them for cake and tea. Off we went to their place and had such a great time till almost 12 without a care in the world because the next day was a holiday and on Monday we were off to a friend’s place for a braai.

Tuesday morning when my alarm went off I felt like crying because I wasn’t ready to go back to work. The weekend flew by but what I enjoyed the most was that I didn’t have to cook most of the time and that I’d welcome anytime 🙂

PS. It was my first Easter without pickled fish due to my recent change in eating habits but that didn’t keep me away from the onions.

Till later




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