Natural hair products in SA

So back in 2010 when I decided to shave all my hair, I joined this Facebook group called Natural Curls in SA that was run by a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend…you get the picture? Ya…run by her, where I learnt all about which products was good and/or bad for my hair, reading products, staying away from heat, etc.

natural hair products

And because one can’t just believe everything your hear (from one person that is), I did my own research on the side and found that natural hair is not catered to-like in USA/UK(product-wise). I believe that round about this time (2010) the natural hair movement was still very new(if I’m correct).

So, back to the friend of a friend of a friend of a friend that administered this group, ya her…was working in UK at that specific point in time. And whilst living there and having access to all these wonderful brands that specifically caters to naturally curly hair, she decided to have a little competition which I took part in and WON! The prize was a basket full of hair goodies (which I totally enjoyed) included products such as Ecostyler hair gel, a Denman brush, raw Shea butter, Aveda Sulphate free Shampoo and Leave-in Conditioner, Miss Jessie’s Curly pudding, etc. All the stuff I read about online for me to try out… This was so much fun and at the time, especially with me being a bit in the dark about what works and does not work for my hair.

Since 2010 the natural hair movement has grown dramatically and even though many curly girls are opting to leave the perms and relaxers, there are still so many of them that aren’t educated on how to care for their natural hair and keeping it healthy. I would really urge these ladies to do some research on how to care for their hair and try out different types of products. All over South Africa we have a lot of new local products available and not that expensive.

For me, using everyday products works best for my hair. Having and maintaining a natural head of hair is not an easy job but don’t make things difficult for yourself by wanting to use products that are a bit hard to reach or too expensive for your budget, etc. You will only become frustrated and probably fall back into your old ways(relaxer/perms) which will be so sad. Start by using readily available products that you can find easily in the grocery store like Olive & Castor oils, Bicarbonate of Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar for cleansing, etc.

Take it one step at a time and get to know your hair in order to eventually find the best methods to care for it.

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4 thoughts on “Natural hair products in SA

  1. Great Article Juwayra

    I also find that we do not have a lot of “natural hair salons” either. So it is not easy to go for a regular trim at a salon. The worst thing is when the stylist/hairdresser tries to comb out your hair….this can cause a great deal of damage!!!

    1. Exactly. It’s better to do your own hair. When You walk into a salon the stylists automatically thinks that you’re coming for a blowout and flat iron. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for some natural hair entrepreneurs to open up some salons here in Cape Town!

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