Table Mountain Cableway: Kidz Season MeetUp 2016

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend the opening of the Cable Way #KidzSeason promotion at Table Mountain. This was so exciting because it meant that I can now cross off one of my items on my bucket list. What was even more great was the fact that it included my whole family.

20160514_13125820160514_105834I only told the kids 2 days before the time because they tend to pester me with questions that I sometimes cannot answer most of the time if they know about stuff like this way before the time. Even though I have to Kung fu fight them out of their beds in the morning before school, they were up bright and early, ready for this day. Everybody parked at the MyCity bus stop  parking at Lower Tafelberg road where we met the two lovely ladies that handed us our name tags and the kids their treasure maps that included some vouchers to exchange at the Shop at the Top and Café.


Before we made our way to where we would get onto the cable car, the super friendly staff took a picture of our family  which was printed and framed and ready to purchase on our way home. The ride up is quite quick and gives you a full 360 degree view of the mountain and the city below as the inside of the cable car rotates as you make your way up. For those who suffers from motion sickness like my husband, you won’t feel a thing, so don’t worry.



When we got to the top, the view was amazing and we could see how the clouds laid across the mountain covering it like a blanket. At first my nerves was shot at the thought of the kids running wild but I just had to relax and enjoy the serenity. Having to run around for answers to the clues on their maps, the kids was having a mini adventure of their own. Later we sat down for lunch in the café which was pretty awesome and then met up with the rest of the mommies and kiddies in the super fancy WiFi Lounge where a few prizes was up for grabs.



I would urge every parent, especially those  living in the beautiful Cape Town, to take their kids up there to experience one of the greatest wonders of the world. Take advantage of their current promotion that’s running until the end of September.



To the team that planner the event, well done! You guys were amazing.


Till later.


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