Giving my best to my husband

As working parents we can easily forget about our spouses and their needs. If you think about it, it’s very unfair. We are quick to point out what our spouses do or don’t do for us and sometimes feels neglected when we realize that the small stuff, that makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside actually means the world to us.

I’m guilty…but I’m a mother!

Woman in particular are always craving that extra attention from our spouses that makes us feel special and appreciated. Like I said, we are quick to notice these issues but in hindsight are mostly guilty for putting everything else before our spouses ESPECIALLY if we have small children. If you’re anything like me or have small kids, you’d know that it’s far more difficult to put the kids needs on the back burner to attend to your husband. The kids always needs more or wants more and my brain usually tells me that my husband is an adult who can basically do everything for himself whereas the kids are still so dependent on me for almost everything. Wrong, I know but I’m a mother. Not that being a mom is an excuse but you know what I mean.

Making some changes

I do try. Very hard actually and as soon as I’ve realized that the scraps of every day is not good enough for my husband, I’ve made little changes in my habits to make my husband feel important and appreciated.

Here’s what I started doing differently

  • I greet him first before I greet the kids when I get home from work.
  • I randomly give him long hugs during the course of the evening
  • I ask him what he would like for supper during the day. If he doesn’t have any special requests I’ll ask the kids. (He doesn’t always have a request)
  • I sit with him while he watches movies even though I seldom watch the type of movies that he likes. (this is after the kids are all in bed and I would rather be in bed myself)
  • When he goes to bed I follow even if I am busy with something (I always have stuff to do)

This is just a few  but there’s so much more that we can do to make our spouses feel special and appreciated.

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Till later.



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