Online shopping…a time saver for busy moms

I always feel that weekends is MY time with the kids see that during the
week all of us are focused on getting through the work week, school and
homework. This leaves me to cram everything else I have to do over
weekends. This causes so much distress as the kids doesn’t always


I normally do the bulk of my grocery shopping once a month and I pick up
whatever else I need on my way home from work during the week. Clothes
shopping we do when the need arise. My kids hate going to the mall over
the weekend unless we walk straight to McDonald’s or Marcel’s for frozen

Clothes shopping seems to be on the to-do list almost every month now. My
 kids are growing up so fast, I literally have to sort their cupboards every 
week. Azaria's cupboard is the worst. She has the most clothes ONLY be-
cause she's girl and girl's clothes turns out to be cheaper than boys clothes...
in my opinion of course. Furthermore, there's such a big variety to choose 
from and you end up buying more than what you should. grocery-shopping-meme

The best option for me is to just stay away from the malls entirely when it
comes to buying clothes for the kids and check what’s available online. A
great online store which I happen to really, really love to shop at for the kids’
clothes is Mr Price. Try and go into a Mr Price store any time of the week and
you’ll turn around and march right back home. I don’t know why, but they’re
ALWAYS packed and their queues looks like the Amazon river at times. I
can’t remember ever going into an empty store.

On a more serious note, they are totally awesome. I’ve been using their on-
line services for a good couple of years now and I’ve never experienced any-
thing bad about them. My orders are never messed up, delivered on time and
I’m never disappointed. Their website is very easy to use and one can easily navigate from one page/item to the other.

For a busy mom like me and I’m sure so many others, online shopping makes
life so much easier and it would be really awesome if few other retailers
could offer this service to their clients. I get so frustrated when a retailer
advertises an item on their website which does not offer this service and you
get to the store and you end up being disappointed because they don’t have
the size you are looking for or the stock is sold out.

online shopping 1

Mr Price is the only store I have ever shopped at online and if you’re looking for trendy clothing for your kids that needs to fit into your budget, log onto their site and you will not be disappointed. I haven’t been that brave to do my grocery shopping online yet but you never know, I might try it out in the near future.

Have you every tried online shopping and what was your experience like?

Ps. this is not a sponsored post, just sharing my experience.

Till later.


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