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My decision to become a blogger was based on the fact that I loved reading blogs. It took me a long time to share my posts or “market” my blog on social media for others to see – especially for friends and family to see. And even though I am still a bit nervous when I hit the publish button on my keyboard, I take  comfort in the fact that there are other parents that go through what I go through as a parent and other couples who faces the same marital issues as I do. Reading other blogs reminds me that I am not the only crazy, tired, emotionally drained, overworked mom around. There are others too!

Being a blogger also forces you to engage with others on social media (which I currently fail at) and it makes you become intentional to stay tuned in to what’s happening around you. Today I am sharing a recap of posts that either inspired, taught me something or that I enjoyed this past week.

The truth about being a Parent…

by Shan of You baby and I.

Even though this post was originally posted in 2015, I came across it on Facebook. This was very funny but yet so very true. I could relate to it immediately.

Super Here Printable 2017 Calendar

by 123 Home school for me


I was looking for a printable calendar for Jaymee & Azaria to keep track of when their library books are due and also to check when school project needed to be handed in. Found this on Pinterest and had to print two because…Jody!

When you get older you tend to realize who and what is important to you thus, leading you to make a choice if you are moving on from it or carrying that extra “baggage” on your journey with you. I loved this tweet by ChanniChic.


Happy Monday!


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