Mommies need an off day too

Do you as a mom ever get the day off? I mean, do you ever just not do anything at all. Or, you don’t do what you normally as a mom. I do. Every Monday. It’s like my body already knows. Like, hello, you’re off today. Don’t bother showing up today. It all starts as soon as I wake up or should I say attempt to wake up.

Every Monday, strangely, the same thing. I struggle to get up cos…THE WEEKEND… [Whether we’ve been doing something or not]. It has me feeling like I was hit by a truck or something. Then, as soon as the kids  leave for school & creche, I try not to crawl back into bed for an extra 20 minutes of shut eye. Not actually sleeping, just the feeling of laying under the covers a tad bit longer. Can I just mention so by the way that I fail almost every week??? And just to defend myself, I’m human, I’m a mom and I deserve it!

I finally get to work and I try to pull myself together thinking if I get my mindset right, I’ll smash this day. Again…it never happens. I drag my feet the entire day, trying to get done what I have cos if I don’t, I’ll fall behind and that will create a whole lot of problems that I don’t even want to think about.

After taking many calls and responding to loads of emails – wanting to bite off every second person’s head that asks me a stupid question, I start making all these plans…in my head. This plans that are stuck in my head and by stuck, I mean it stays there and never comes out to materialize, ever. It’s like making a to-do-list and not checking anything from it. It’s just there, serving no purpose at all.

So I get home and do absolutely nothing. Everyone just grab something to eat from the fridge, get into the bath and go off to bed while I sit on the couch doing absolutely nothing. No-one complains, all of them knows mommy’s brain is out of order and everyone is happy.

Thank goodness for daddies that see to it that their children take a bath. Thank goodness for daughters that has an interest in cooking (usually sandwiches) who will never let their siblings go hungry. And thank goodness for husbands that understands that mommies need an off day too!

Till later.

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