It finally happened!

Maybe this is not the most appropriate platform to share this kind of information but as many of you know, this is something a certain someone have been waiting for for a long time. Besides the fact that I am officially a mom of a teenager, my little young lady reached puberty not to long ago.

I just don’t know what happened. It was like a minute into her birthday, and everything changed. She changed. I don’t know about other moms but I immediately felt that I want to take her by the hand, lock the both of us in a room and wait it out until…I don’t know. Maybe until I feel that I’m ready for her to grow up which is actually, never!

Let me just back it up a little. I could handle the teething. I found my way past the falling while learning how to walk stage. And I cried on the inside when she started school. But this! I was never ready. I was never ready for her to be this gorgeous, vibrant young girl that oozes confidence and can be quite “EXTRA” at times.

So being her “EXTRA” self, she called me into the bathroom one day because she needed “help”. She needed help on how to use a sanitary towel. I was a bit confused cos since she’s been carrying her emergency period kit around, she have also been using it when she “feels” that her time is about to come. And now, after using approximately 68 sanitary towels for absolutely no reason, she doesn’t know how to put one on??

Husband on the other hand completely blocked the entire situation out cos apparently it’s my job to sort out. Can you imagine his reaction when she told him that she finally got her period? The only words he could utter was, ” Azaria sit still and don’t move around too much.”

I’m just glad that I didn’t wait to long to explain and share with her all the gory details about menstruation, sex and pregnancies. I always felt that I wanted to be the one to tell her about these life changing things in the correct manner. Children tend to get misinformed by their peers at the wrong times and it often lead to mishaps later in life. One of my friends thought they were dying the day they got their first period and another thought she got hurt somewhere.

I’m so glad I don’t get bombarded with questions on when it’s going to happen anymore. Now I’m being told how many towels have been used for the day and when it starts and finished and how gross it actually is.

Till later.

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