Type 3 vs Type 4 hair

For someone with 3c hair you’d probably think I should shut up right now. And I don’t blame you. With all of the discrimination against people with the “coilier” type of hair, I shouldn’t be having an opinion. Right? Wrong!

Right before I started my natural hair journey, I was washing my daughters hair on a day my Mom was visiting. Azaria has always been a drama queen and hated doing her hair. She has the most gorgeous head of hair (3c/4b type) and always put up a fight on wash day. My Mom came in the bathroom, tapped on her shoulder and said to her, ” Its not your mommy’s fault, it’s your daddy’s fault.” Of course she didn’t understand what that meant, but I did.


My husband (Perfect Alan) has type 4 hair, when he still had hair. Mind you, he rocked cornrows like nobody’s business! With all this said, my kids – all three of them, has a combination of our hair. Not just that, Perfect Alan’s sister, who happens to live with us, whom I also CONVERTED into jumping on the natural hair band wagon, has this amazing 4c type hair.

So before you tell me to shut up, cos you think I can’t have anything to say about any type of curl other than type 3, I’d say CHILL OUT, WATCH & LEARN! Okay, I’m not gonna teach you anything today but point I want to bring across today is, ALL curl types are gorgeous irrespective of how tight the coil or how bouncy the curl is.


Type 3 vs Type 4

In my experience with these two types of curls, I’ve come to notice how easy it is to style type 3 hair. Styles like roller sets, perm and flexi rod sets, and wash & go’s works extremely well with these types of curls. You can do it on type 4 hair but in my opinion (which is my own views based om my experience), it’s a win for type 3 curls. Type 4 hair blows me away with bantu knot outs, twists and protective styling with braids.

I find it extremely difficult to keep braids and cornrows neat on my own hair but type 4 hair girls can wear braids, style them braids for over a month without it becoming unruly or “fluffy” as I like to call it.


Best styles for Type 3 hair

Best styles for Type 4 hair

  • Cornrows
  • Twists & twist outs
  • Bantu knot outs
  • Braided hairstyles
  • Perm rod set

So whether you have type 3 or 4 any type of hair, if your hear is healthy, don’t worry about anything else. Your hair is beautiful. Embrace it. Own it and slay it!

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