Freaked out about the future

I live in a community where every second girl I come across is either pregnant, intoxicated with drugs or alcohol, unemployed, didn’t finish school, or has a baby chained to their hip. Unfortunately, it is the reality for many teenagers in my community.

This scenario is a huge concern for me because it’s something my daughter sees on a daily basis. This year, as she embarked on her journey through high school, I developed this overwhelming feeling of fear and panic  for the future of my children, especially my daughter.

My husband and I both work 8 till 5 jobs and try to cater to the needs of our children as best we can. Inside of our home we teach them to be God-fearing, kind and to work hard. We try to model a good marriage relationship in front of them and make our home a place where they feel safe.

In our minds we are setting the best examples for our children so they have no choice but to grow up to become perfectly decent human beings. Right?

Whatever happens inside our home, we can control but everything else outside, we have no control over. As parents we can do the most to teach our children right from wrong but the very minute they set foot outside our door, we can just hope and pray that they remember what we taught them.

The most difficult part of all of this is that I cannot choose my children’s friends.  I can’t make them share details of their day with me, so that I can intervene and give some solid advice. If they don’t talk, I won’t know what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling. I’ll just be there, wrecking my brain, trying to figure out what’s happening in their pretty little heads.

I’m sure I’m not the only parent freaked out about their kids growing up…right?? And besides being freaked out about it all the time, what should I be doing to guide my kids to become better than what they see happening in our community? Any advice from the veteran teen moms out there?

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