Part 7: Starting a healthy hair care regimen

After learning about product ingredients, I think you are ready to create a healthy hair care regimen. Building a solid or should I say “the perfect” hair care regimen will take some practice, cost you money and also teach you the art of being patient. Some people get it right sooner than others (you’re so lucky!) and for some it can take months or even years.

Here is a few things to consider:

Know what you’re dealing with

Many people don’t believe in hair typing but I am a firm believer that knowing what your hair type is, can make the process of finding the right products for your hair, easier. Knowing your hair means knowing your curl pattern as in (3a, 3c & 4b), is your hair porosity high or low, or does it have a high or low density. All these factors contributes to what the best hair care regimen for your hair would be.

What is the need?

Questions you need to ask yourself is…Is my hair dry or brittle? Is there any build up? Does it feel hard? Say for instance your hair feels hard you might need a deep conditioning treatment. If it’s pretty dirty, you definitely need to clarify. For someone like me who mostly co-wash my hair due to my hair porosity being high, if I have built up product on my hair/scalp, I would need a good clarifying cleanse with a shampoo.

Stick it out

Especially when you try out new products, it will take a couple of weeks for you to know if it works for your hair or not. With some products, you will experience good results after the first try but it give it a few more tries before you hurry to the Clicks’ 3 for 2 special.

What should your basic routine look like?

  • Cleansing
  • Conditioning
  • Deep conditioning/Protein treatment depending on what your hair needs on that day)
  • Styling

There are also many methods and techniques you can use for the different needs you might have.

If your hair is dry, you might want to deep condition every week as opposed to once a month or every other week.

For someone with brittle hair that is possibly damaged, a protein treatment would do wonders.

If you are wanting to grow your hair, the less you touch your hair, the better. This would mean that protective styling would be your best option which will obviously mean that you should be moisturizing your hair daily. You can check out my posts on high and low porosity hair for an idea on how to care for your hair.

Lastly, re-evaluate your regimen from time to time. Things like climate changes and pregnancy or illness might change the way your hair behaves so maybe it’s time to try something different when something like that occurs. During winter my hair tends to frizz up all the time and in the summer time the sun dries it out.

Next in the series I’ll be discussing each step of the hair care regimen more extensively so keep an eye out for that. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me with suggestions on things you’d like me to discuss.

Till later.


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