Meet my family

My husband works fulltime and plays the bass guitar at church and in a local gospel group. He is very hands-on when it comes to the kids and kind of spoils them a lot.

Azaria is the eldest, she is 11years old, very cheeky but the most caring big sis ever. Her most favourite things to do is singing and dancing. (she’s quite good at it too)

Jaymee is very soft spoken and sensitive.(he’s my baby) although he is 9years old. He is fond of drawing and can playing video games.

Jody is the actual baby and is 3 years old. It has been a year since he knows how to operate the home pc and hardly give anyone a chance to do anything on it. He’s the boss. At least that’s what he thinks.

On here you will be getting to know them better, one post at a time.






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