I started a prayer journal…


I can still remember how my husband –  then boyfriend – argued over normal things that couples usually fight about and I would be home thinking about all the things I could have said but didn’t say. I would then grab a pen and paper and write him a letter and give it to him when I see him again. He would always look at the letter, probably thinking I’m crazy but after reading it he would understand what I meant. I wasn’t good at arguing (is that a good or a bad thing?) but I was good at expressing myself on paper. If I think about it now it’s strange that I never kept a diary all those years ago. Continue reading

That look of love


My boss just turned 72 this week and every year for his birthday, his wife prepares a feast for the staff in celebration thereof. She’s 76 and both of them carries their age very well. She’s the sweetest person ever and I sometimes wondered how the two of them ended up together as he is such a blunt person. In my opinion  that doesn’t seem to fit very well. Continue reading

I love my life and I would not exchange it for anything in this world…


I take the bus to and from work. I really enjoy the drive. I just get in, pick a seat and grab my earphones and switch on the music. From that point on it’s just me and whatever tune I’m listening to. Then there are also days when I put in my earphones and just never switch it on. Yes, I do that. Lots of times. I just sit there….thinking. Thinking about my day, jokes I laughed at, my kids, the looks on their faces when I walk through the door and of course, my husband. All of this is what I look forward to each day while I sit on that bus in the afternoon. Everything my life revolves around, everything I live for. Continue reading