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Getting done in the morning should be quick and simple….right? How hard can it be? Get up, make your bed, wash your face, brush your teeth, get dressed, eat breakfast and there you go…..done! Wish it was that simple in my house but in my case it’s not quite that.

But let me first confess…

I am not a morning person. I simply love sleeping. When I wake up and there’s still time to get a little shut eye, I’ll force myself to go back to sleep even if it’s just for 5 minutes. My husband claims that when I’m asleep, I’m in a slight coma….hahaha. Seriously, I love sleep that much. You can’t blame me. After having had my kids I had to say good bye to afternoon naps or even going to bed early.

Weekday mornings are the worst! Alan leaves home early (about 6am). If he does not wake me up by the time he leaves, I’ll just stay there in dreamland… Another confession… I’ve been trying to wake up by 5am to do exercise but I’ve only got it right TWICE…don’t judge me please! So….

Problem No.1 – Getting them out of bed is no joke.
I get up as soon as he leaves and start to wake the kids up. Or at least I try to. The struggle is real. Both of them takes after me. They LOVE sleep. It doesn’t matter if they went the bed 8pm (their normal bed time) the previous evening, they can’t seem to get out of bed without me having to wrestle with them. Duvets gets tugged back and forth and then the crying begins.

Problem No. 2 – I struggle to have them start their day with breakfast.
Most mornings I make some cereal and take it to them in bed and I can’t guarantee that the will eat it because Azaria refuse to eat so early. She hates the fact that she has to run to the loo straight after and the more I try to explain to her that it’s a good way to start your metabolism for the day, the more she insists that she won’t be done in time for school. Jaymee is usually up for anything to delay the getting out of bed part.

Problem No. 3 – Getting them dressed
Okay, once Azaria is awake she does what she have to but when I check on Jaymee he’s either sitting with his pants around his ankles or his shirt in his hands and not on his body. No amount of screaming at him can make this process go any faster. At this moment I’m already standing there begging with my teeth gritted together to get a move on and he’s just there, in zombie mode as if the clothes would get onto his body by itself.

Problem No. 4 – Brushing their teeth.
So, when Azaria is dressed, she’s usually the first to brush her teeth but when I get to the bathroom  she’s usually standing in front of the mirror, staring at herself. For the entire time while I was probably trying to get Jaymee  to put on his pants. On the other hand when I send Jaymee to brush his teeth I will find him with his hands in his pockets ALSO staring at himself.

Problem No. 5 – Packing lunch
I too wish that I had lived in that perfect world where lunch boxes gets packed the night before but I don’t. I should, but I don’t. This means that lunches needs to be preared and packed in the morning and I’m pretty sure that when I reach down in the cupboard for their lunch boxes, the steam comes out of my ears because it’s not there… And as usual I go off at them repeating the same lines about having to ask them  for it each morning. I mean, how hard is it to take it out of your bag when you reach for a book when you do your homework in the afternoon?

Problem No. 6 – Headless chicken mode
Sir, as they call him, is the nicest old guy I know and he takes them to school each morning and also brings them home in the afternoon. The minute he stops it’s like some switch inside them gets turned on and the start grabbing bags and running like headless chickens to the gate. At times I have to remind Jaymee halfway to the gate that his bag is still inside.

Please note that when all this is happening I’m also busy getting done for work and I’m very much thankful for all the mornings when Jody sleeps through it all which means I don’t have to still deal with him being a handful too. But with all of that said, I love them, and although I wanna kill them most mornings, I would not have it any other way.signature

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