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That look of love


My boss just turned 72 this week and every year for his birthday, his wife prepares a feast for the staff in celebration thereof. She’s 76 and both of them carries their age very well. She’s the sweetest person ever and I sometimes wondered how the two of them ended up together as he is such a blunt person. In my opinionĀ  that doesn’t seem to fit very well.

As everyone was enjoying themselves, I captured a moment between them that simply melted my heart right there. As her hand rested on his chest, she was telling him something and the way he responded just blew me away. He had this look in his eyes, nodding his head at her while she fiddled with his tie with a coy look on her face. That was it. Theis was the moment that made my heart shout out loud inside chest…”I WANT THAT!!”

Sometimes we go through hard times with our spouses and sometimes it even seems that things won’t get better. But then there are these random moments happening around us that reminds us that true love exists. That love does conquer all. That marriage can be forever. That we just need to push and work through the hard times to be able to experience these amazing times that awaits us on the other side of these trying times. The first 5 years of my marriage was very trying. I didn’t know where to turn to and what to try next. It seemed to me that God wasn’t hearing my prayers and just as I was about to give up things changed just like that. Only then it felt real. And when we do encounter an obstacle along the way, we are reminded that the love we have for each other is greater than anything we are faced with.


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