#OOTD: Shirt dress and things

When I got the work today I got “side-eyed” by everybody I walked passed. Seemed all of them was of the opinion that my dress was too short. Uhmmm….what??I don’t think so. It still boggles me that they think so because I know that I will feel extremely uncomfortable if my dress is to short as I am a very private person in general.



Both the dress and shoes I bought at Mr Price.  I was in such a rush this morning that I forgot to put on a necklace or something to complete my look. Guess I will have to wake up earlier and plan better next time. This is the second time I’m wearing it and I love the fact that I can dress it up with heels (which is how I wore it last time) and with flats to feel more comfortable.

I would love some feedback from you guys and gals.

Chat soon!






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