DIY: Headband

Hi all

I know I promised you that’ll show you how to make my headband in one of my previous posts, so here goes…What you need

What you’ll need:

Elastic band (measure the circumference of your head and cut about 2cm shorter)

Cloth of your choice (about 30cm long and 10 – 15cm wide)


Needle and thread

Thread through elesticband

Next you’ll make a knot around the elastic band.

Elastic band stitch

Then use the needle and thread to stitch the ends of the elastic band together.


When you’ve secured the ends of the band, make more knot on either side of the first knot, however much you can get it. Remember not to make the knots too tight as the looser the knots, the chunkier the detail on the band will be. (If you know what I mean.)

On the hair

When you’re done making all the knots stitch the ends of the cloth on the on the elastic band to keep it from sliding back and forth.

That’s it!

Hope you found this interesting.







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