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Yes, he said it!


I always tell the kids not to talk to Daddy while he is driving especially Jody-Avery. If he wants to say something you have to look in his face before he starts to talk otherwise he will keep on calling you. A few weeks back, after we dropped my husbands’ friend at home Jody-Avery had a question. This is how it went…Jody-Avery: Daddy? Where is Brandon going?

Daddy: (Keeps driving, doesn’t answer)

Jody-Avery: Daddy? Daddy? Daddy?

Daddy: (still driving and does not answer)

Jody-Avery: Daddy? Daddy? Where is Brandon going?

Me: Jody-Avery, Daddy is driving.

Jody-Avery: (ignores Mommy) Daddy? Where is Brandon going?

Me: Jody-Avery, Brandon went home.

Jody Avery: Mommy, I wasn’t talking to you. Daddy, where is Brandon going?

Me: (speechless)

Me: (Thinking, he’s only 3 years old)

Me: (Asking myself, “Did that just happen?”)

Me: (still speechless)

If I think about it now, I still don’t know how I feel about it, lol.


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