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Belated birthday post

Last week I celebrated my 36th birthday and I usually prefer that no-one makes a fuss about it. My husband won’t allow that it goes by without making me feel special and both him and the kids certainly did just that.


All the birthday wishes via text message and phone calls nearly made my eyes tear up. I was at work the entire day and went home thinking I’d be having a quiet evening until a friend from George knocked on the door. Earlier that day he texted me not mentioning that he is in town for the week. Then my neighbour (whom I spend a lot of time with) came through the front door singing “Happy Birthday to youuuu” with a huge chocolate cake in her hands, her husband and daughter following. After lots of cake and laughter everyone left just before midnight and even though I had to force a birthday card out of Jaymee, I loved every minute.

I have realised that especially now that I’m a mother, I often forget about me and is mostly consumed with my duties as a wife and mother but my birthday just reminded me of how blessed I am to be surrounded by people that loves me and makes me feel special.

I am truly blessed!


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