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25 Random things about me

Since I’ve only been blogging for a short while, I thought I’d share a bit more of who I am with you. And since making lists of random facts about yourself is always popular amongst readers, I thought…why not?? So here goes…

Photo credit: Debra Cartwright
Photo credit: Debra Cartwright
  1. I am 152cm TALL
  2. Chocoholic
  3. I wear the same shoe size as my 11 year old daughter (she’s obviously growing past me)
  4. I don’t do hugs although I get forced to hug sometimes (I do hug my kids and husband)
  5. I’ve never watched the movie Titanic
  6. I consider my armpits PRIVATE. (You will never see me with sleeveless clothing)
  7. I am not a morning person (I struggle to get up in the morning no matter what time I go to bed)
  8. Growing up, I wanted to be a nurse
  9. I was Islam from when I was born to about 8 years old (long story)
  10. I am the eldest of 2 children, my brother is 11 years younger than what I am
  11. I don’t have a middle name
  12. I prefer water over soft drinks, juice, tea and coffee
  13. I eat all fruits except litchis
  14. My favourite comedy of all time is White Chicks starring the Wayans brothers (I crack myself up every single time)
  15. I shaved all my hair off in 2010 (best decision ever)
  16. Hence my naturally curly hair ( I simply love it)
  17. I hate surprises (my husband tried it once. Didn’t work out so good for him
  18. In my eyes the glass is always half full
  19. My first born passed away at birth (will post about it soon)
  20. Major shoe obsession, although I don’t go buy everything I obsess over
  21. I love reading but try to stay away from books because I get too carried away…not good for my marriage
  22. I don’t tweeze my eyebrows (apparently it’s perfect)
  23. In my book divorce is not an option
  24. I’m totally inlove with my husband
  25. Which is why I still get butterflies when I see him

I bet you’d never have guessed any of those facts.

Please feel free to comment or if you have random facts about yourself, post the link in the comments.

Till later.



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