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It’s a start: before & after



After having given birth to 4 babies, my body is totally the opposite of what it used be. I’m talking about many moons ago. I have always wanted to loose the weight but I have also made peace with the fact that I will never have that exact body back.

This is me in April 2015



My husband have started training about two years ago with our neighbour who has converted his backyard into a home gym. He never picked up a lot of weight over the years but one can definitely see the difference between then and now. Him being so committed made me want to start with something myself but I always had an excuse. Being a mother makes it very difficult to just leave everything and do something for yourself other that for the kids or your husband. We have so much on our plates daily and finding an extra 30mins while cooking, cleaning and helping with homework makes it impossible. A morning workout was completely out of the question as I can barely get up early for work…(that’s still one of the goals for 2016 I would like to achieve…watch this space…lol).


Our neighbour’s wife decided to join me and we set out every Monday and Wednesday for “bootcamp” instructed by him in his yard and on Tuesday and Thursdays we did Zumba or one of Jillian Michaels’ workouts. This all came to an end when I started with my exams in May (we started in February). After the exams it was difficult to start again and we only exercised when we had time, which of course was almost never.


I never really followed a diet in this time, I just tried to drink more water and eat smaller portions. In November I started drinking Green Tea, about 3 cups per day and I noticed that it somewhat curbed my appetite a bit.

This is me February 2016



In April 2015 I weighed 86kg and middle November I was at 77kg. Remember, I didn’t actively make an effort to loose the weight, I just checked my weight at random times. After the festive season I found myself back at 79kg. This kinda freaked me out a bit and motivated me to change a few things.

2016 PLAN

Towards the end of January I started thinking of cutting out bread and sugar but I love bread and I can’t live without chocolates. Then I started reading up on cutting out meat completely. Yep, I was contemplating on becoming a vegetarian…and I did. Okay, I’m actually lacto-ovo-vegetarian. I still do eggs and dairy. I reckoned that it would be too big of a change for me to just live on fruit and veggies right from the start. This is a challenge for me but not so difficult as I was never a big meat eater in the first place. It’s almost 2 months and my husband still thinks that I’m going to grab a piece of chicken and gobble it down at any time, lol. I have also started doing some exercise at the office, mostly leg work like, squats and lunges and the occasional standing abs routines nnd since my 79kg weigh in, today I’m down to 72.8kg….

I am not to sure if the whole vegetarianism thing will be my way of life up until forever but at the moment it’s working for me and I’m coping very well. I am also trying to carve out the time for Zumba or something else at night but at the moment there’s just no time.

Till later…






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