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How much time do you really spend with the people you love?

There’s a saying that goes something like this…

Time 1

Time is something all want more of, struggle to manage and most of all waste. For parents, especially mothers, it is often quite difficult to keep up with everything that we need to do. Having to spend so much time away from my kids each day due to work and everything else that is just as important to me, can be stressful. To fit everything in on a daily basis means that you have to create magic or sometimes make peace with the fact that you have to decide between what to do and what to leave for the next day.

There are also other times when I feel so guilty for having to spend that much time away from the people I love(my family) that I constantly wonder where all the time had gone. This led me to recently put pen to paper and calculate what happens to all the time I have.

We all have 24 hours per day and in that hours we need time to sleep, travel to and from work, cook, clean, etc. Right? Let’s see what a normal day in the week looks like.

Pie chart

If the kids go to bet at 9pm for the latest, they spend about 9 hours asleep, for me that will be about 6 hours at most. Can we agree that I spend 11 hours travelling to work, be at work and travelling home again? That leaves me with 4 hours. Yep, a measly 4 hours that I have to fit in cooking, cleaning, checking homework, have a decent conversation with the kids and my husband, relax, study and what not. There is 120 hours from Monday to Friday and only 20 out of those hours I have available to spend with my family. How ridiculous is that?

We only live once, we only have so much time at hand each day and even with all the things we have going on daily, we have to make every minute count. Work is something I have to do to help provide for my family. Study is something I want to do to achieve my goals in life. Cleaning and doing laundry is some of the things I can do the next day or later at night when the kids are asleep and there are many ways how we as moms can move things around to make time for the people we love.

How much time do you have available to spend with the most important people in your life? Please share.

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