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Minor burns

When I got home on Friday, the first thing that came out of Azaria’s mouth was, “Mommy, Jaymee burnt himself on the stove!”What happened was…my sister inlaw (husband’s babysis, living with us, 22, 2nd year university), was using the stove top and didn’t put a pot with water on it(golden rule after using the stove top in our house) afterwards. Jaymee climbed on the countertop next to get something off the top shelf, obviously not knowing it’s still hot. Azaria (being the bigsis as always), took it upon herself to rub some menthol salve on the affected area and wrapped a piece of stocking (bandage) around the wound in a hope to make it better. The wound itself didn’t look so bad but he refused to move his fingers which clearly brought a bit of discomfort.

When Alan got home, he didn’t want to hear anything about the whole episode that went down earlier the day(a reaction we always get when he’s children gets hurt),especially if someone else is to blame.


So, because I’m such a Pinterest addict, I searched for some home remedy that would work(there are so many) and came across using toothpaste. Yes, you heard me, toothpaste. We just squeezed a little on the wound and the next morning what had looked like a blister forming, was GONE!! No marks, no sensitivity whatsoever.

I am seriously amazed at the fact that it really worked and have been broadcasting it to everyone ever since.

Hope you found this helpful.

Till later.


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