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How I do my wash-n-go’s

Depending on how much time I have, my wash-n-go’s are fairly simple. I hope you enjoy this post on how I do them… I actually have 2 ways of doing it, here’s how:I literally wash my hair every morning and….go! Hahaha…as easy as that! This I mostly do during summer time…

  1. Then the other way is, I co – wash my hair as per normal, condition, apply a thumb size dollop of leave-in conditioner, I top that with my oil to seal in the moisture and apply the hair gel on top of that.
  2. After I’ve applied all my products I turn my head upside down and use the blow dryer to dry/set it. I also try to pull my hair away from my head to make my fro a little “bigger” as all the products on my hair tends to weigh it down. As soon as it’s completely dry, I’m done.

The products I use for the second option is:

Co-wash: Any of the products listed in this post

Conditioner: Any of the products listed in this post.

Leave-in conditioner: Because Tresemme already has a runny consistency

Oils: Olive oil or coconut oil

Gel: This is really frustrating for me but I work with what I have…and I’m still experimenting. I have tried  Isoplus Styling Gel before, it’s nice and light but has little to no hold, depending on the amount you use. I’ve  also tried Sofn’free Styling Gel a few times and the hold is perfect but it’s a bit too messy/sticky for my liking. I’m currently using Clicks Wet Look Styling Gel Firm Hold and it’s doing okay for now.

This method save me from styling my hair for about 3-4 days. Every morning I just use oil and scrunch it back into place. Using anything water based will result in everything going limp so I stay away from spritzes.

PS. This works for ME. You are welcome to try it but I can not guarantee that it will work the same for you.

Till later.



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