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A day at the office with Mommy

A few weeks back Jody’s day mother went away for the weekend and I needed to get someone to look after him the Friday. The best option for me was to take him with me to work as I usually work till 2pm.


What happens at the office, stays at the office

He knows all my colleagues from the pictures I show him when he asks me “who is at my work” and even sends them voice notes from time to time. At first he was a bit shy but soon that mood wore off and he started to take over the office. He insisted on sitting at one of the computers (he is the boss of the computer at home) to look at pictures of the Ninja Turtles, and watch clips of them on Youtube. At one stage I had to cut out daggers out of cardboard so that he can pretend to be a turtle – I don’t know who is the one with the daggers but I’m pretty sure he could tell you.  I just thought I’d share a few pics with you. Excuse the mess but we are in the process of packing up.

IMG-20160527-WA0019 IMG-20160527-WA0018 IMG-20160527-WA0016

At one stage the daggers was in the underpants because the Prestik we used could not hold it any longer.

IMG-20160527-WA0017      IMG-20160527-WA0007

Always ready for a photo shoot

Then on our way home we decided to have a photo shoot. I’m sure you can see that he is a real joy to have around.

Till later.


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