Natural Hair

Natural hair? Let’s get something straight…

There’s something people need to understand about natural hair. Yes, let me just dive right in!!

What does it mean when someone has “natural hair “or is natural”?

The term “natural hair” simply means that the hair on your head has never gone through any chemical processing like relaxer, texturiser, Brazilian treatments, etc. that changes your hair texture or curl pattern for that matter. In some cases…like in my case for instance…you have used boxed hair dye but it didn’t affect your hair in any way. You’re still part of team natural. Yay!!! People who are born with straight hair who don’t need to use straighteners and relaxers on their hair in order for it to stay straight are also 100% natural … do we all get that?? Hence, Afro’s aren’t the only type of natural hair…

Curl patterns and heat.

Right. so now that we have that out of the way we move on to my next point. To have natural hair doesn’t mean you should NOT or CAN’T do a blowout on your hair or straighten it with a flat iron. Of course you can, duh! The reason why some curly girls STAY AWAY from blow drying and flat ironing is that IF used regularly or should I say many times, the heat can not only be damaging to your hair but it can change your curl pattern dramatically…I’m sure many ladies can relate to that. (A straight haired friend of mine used a flat iron every morning and after a while when her hair would not curl when she wet it) Then, just like all of us are different, so are our curl patterns. Please do not get me wrong when I say, if you shave your hair – like I did – IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOUR HAIR WILL GROW OUT EXACTLY LIKE MINE.

Products and Styling

The same applies to the products you use or the types of styles you do on your hair. You won’t get the same results. A certain oil might do wonders for you but will have a drying effect on other hair types. This includes shampoos and conditioners or any styling product.

Styling your hair

My hair works well with a simple wash and go, perfect definition whole day with no effort at all. However, styles such as bantu knots don’t work well for me, I tend to look like I have a tangled spaghetti mop on my head. No lies. It just does not work for my type of hair. Now if my sister in-law takes down her bantu knots…curls for days but she knows shecan’t rock a  wash and go like I do, hehehe.(check her out here and here and here) I would encourage all natural haired girls to try out different styles and see what suits them. Try not to compare your hair journey to that of someone else and I promise you, you will find something that will make you feel like a million dollars eventually.

So what’s my actual point here?

  1. Natural hair comes in different forms and textures.
  2. Heat is not forbidden but needs to be used with care.
  3. Products has different effects on different textures of hair.
  4. All hairstyles does not suit or work well on all natural hair.

and my point would be:

[bctt tweet=”Be YOU, experiment with products and styles and don’t compare yourself to the next head of hair!!” username=”curlyheadsand_d”]

Till later.


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