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Using non-natural hair colour on my natural hair

Hey lovelies

I can’t believe that we’re halfway through October already!! This means that we’re just over 2 months away from the new year. Don’t you just want to start panicking?? With everything that has happened in this year (so far), my hair has not taken one of the top spots on my to-do list. My entire regimen consists of washing and conditioning and deep conditioning and wearing my hair down…all the time. Yes, I confess…I’m a very lazy natural!!I have on a few occasions do a blowout but that was it! Nothing extraordinary. No fun hairstyles or anything. I realize now that I could have done much better.

I am still amazed at the speed at which my hair grows but I’m not complaining. The only thing that I have been doing, that I am really chuffed about, is my hair colour. This did take some time to achieve but it looks much better than last time. Even though there are natural products on the market to colour your hair with (like henna),  I prefered to use a hair dye that contains peroxide.


I have previously used colour on my hair and the mistake I made was to colour it as soon as I see the regrowth appear. This was very damaging to my hair which led me to chopping it very short last year. What I did differently this time around is waiting about 3 months before my next colour and doing a deep conditioning treatment more often. The other thing is, I don’t apply the colour to all my hair. I apply it in the same way as you would when doing highlights. By using this method, I get different colours all over my head which is exactly what I’m aiming for . In doing so, my regrowth does not look that obvious and I could go without retouching for longer periods on end.

Even though I have not yet achieved the colour/s that I want, I am happy to say that my hair is in much better condition now than what it was when I first went lighter. I am now forced to treat it more often to keep my hair healthy and prevent damage.

Just remember that when colouring your hair, it becomes more fragile and extra care needs to be taken to keep it from damaging. Also, the lighter you go, the more exposed your hair becomes to damage. So if you want to try colour, do your research first and make sure that your hair is strong enough to handle whatever process/es you will put it through. And most importantly…KNOW YOUR HAIR!

So let’s recap:

  1. First get to know your hair.
  2. Do your research to make sure that you know what you are doing.
  3. Wait long periods of time between retouching your colour.
  4. Make sure you do treatments on your hair regularly.
  5. Be patient.

I would love some feedback on what colouring products you used and what the results was. Feel free to contact me with any questions when the need arises.

Till later.



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