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We started the year off…READING

I can remember the days when I got home from school and go straight to bed with a book and read until it was almost time for my mom to come home and I haven’t even started with my chores yet. Or the afternoons when I burnt the rice that I was supposed to cook for supper because I was reading in front of the stove. I’ve always loved reading and when I got my first part time job in grade 11, I stocked up on all the magazines each week.


Nowadays I mostly read from my e-reader in the bus on my way to work or home because that’s the only free time I have available for myself. The rest of my day/evening consists of checking homework, having conversations with the kids, cooking supper or cleaning up.


Trips to the library

Sometime last year I registered them both at the library and we’ve been making trips there every second week to get new books. I let them to take out 2 books each because the amount of homework they get doesn’t allow them to squeeze in some reading time. Jaymee takes after me when it comes to reading. He simply can’t resist any book. He would start reading that book as soon as the librarian hands it over to him. Azaria on the other hand, shows no interest.

This year we started reading 3 days into the New Year and Jaymee finished his first book within two and a half days…how awesome is that? To make sure that I get them to read more, I’ve dedicated a page in my journal where I jot down what books they finished. This sparked instant competition between the two of them and even though they are only allowed to get their phones over weekends, I sometimes don’t give it t them at all which forces them to grab a book instead of dying of boredom.



I love how excited they get when they retell the stories they have read and how eager they become when it’s time to pick out new books.

Guess we are off to a  great start!

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