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My top 8 tips for maintaining healthy natural hair

To maintain and care for you natural hair can suck if you don’t know what you’re doing. Here are some good tips to keep you from throwing in the towel.

1. Establish and follow a healthy wash day regime.

Once you’ve gotten to know your hair and what your hair likes, it is imperative that you stick to what you know. At first you will try out a bunch of different methods and products and believe me, there are hundreds available especially with the ever-growing natural hair community. If you come across a product or technique that works for you, stick to it.

2. Moisturize regularly

Keeping your hair moisturized is very important as it is a sign of healthy hair. A lack of moisture in your hair will cause your hair look dull and dry resulting in unhealthy hair and possible breakage. The best form of moisture is water. Keeping a small spritz bottle filled with a mixture of water and essential oil of your choice in your handbag is necessary especially if you are always wearing your hair in an afro or wash-and-go.

3. Deep condition when needed

Doing a deep conditioning treatment on your hair gives it a moisture boost. Do it at least twice per month. There are many great deep conditioners available but adding oil to your normal conditioner and leaving it on for 20 mins or applying heat serves as a treatment too. A great tip is to warm the mixture slightly (in the microwave) and apply to hair, it will penetrate into your hair quite well.

4. Go for regular trims

Most people opt to return to their natural hair state because they want to grow long hair and often think that going for trims will prevent this from being obtained. Regular trims will rid your hair of damaged ends resulting in the hair looking healthier and fuller as well as preventing it from breakage. Less breakage = Faster growing hair.

5. Read your labels

Too many times you come across products claiming to be suitable for natural hair but when you read the ingredients you will find some sort of funny business going on there. If you come across words like sulfate, silicone or petroleum, turn around nicely and walk away. You don’t want any of those on your hair.

6. Adopt a “no heat” policy

Stay as far away as possible from heat. If you really need to use heat, invest in a diffuser. It will distribute the heat more evenly which in turn prevent damage.

7. Be patient

If you think that going natural and growing long hair will be an overnight success story…think again. You can chat to any natural and you’ll learn how they have come through trial and error. Practicing patience is a must for any natural.

 8. Give your hair a break!

Try doing protective styling more often. Too much manipulation can cause damage too. Do some boxed braids of cornrows or just tie it up a bit. Our hot summer sun can dry out your fro. Keep it well moisturized.

What are your top tips for maintaining and looking after your natural hair?


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