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Curl Chemistry…Proudly Capetonian

Have you noticed the rapid growth in the natural hair movement in South Africa? If not, you’re probably going blind and you need to get yourself to a doctor ASAP! It’s amazing how you just get to an event and you see all this gorgeous fros and curls everywhere you look. How awesome is that??

New product alert!

What is more amazing is the fact that the market for natural hair products is also expanding and entrepreneurs are tapping into this market coming up with some great products to cater to our ever so needy tresses. Today I want to focus on one particular product, Curl Chemistry Curl activating cream that was developed by the super talented Liesl Katzen.

I have only heard great things about this product and I simply had to get my hands on a jar myself. After trying it for a good couple of weeks, this is my opinion…

At a glance

The product comes in a 250 ml jar and has a thick creamy consistency. The fruity smell gets you immediately when you open it. This is always a plus for me for any product that I use, I’d rather smell like a tropical fruit basket than a bag of gravel. It contains everything that your hair will love like Shea butter, Olive, Argan and Castor oils as well as pomegranate.

What it promises

The products contains no parabens and sulphates and promises to stimulate growth and minimize frizz. I didn’t do a length check before I started to use it but I can assure you that it will tame your frizz.  It leaves your hair feeling soft and sweet smelling and gives it a natural shine all day long. At first when you apply it, you will find there’s a white residue but if you work it through with your fingers it will disappear.

The results

I have used the product on my hair for a while now especially when I do a wash n go and I came to love what it does to my hair. I recently used it when I finger coiled my hair and the results was amazing.

How you can get yours

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone to try. It is available directly from Liezel and also a few reps and it retails for R95 per jar. Curl Chemistry have also recently expanded their brand and added a deep conditioning treatment and a sulphate free shampoo to their collection.

For more information please check out their page.



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