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Must have tools for every natural girl

If you’re a natural girl or thinking if returning to your natural state, then there’s a few things you need to know. Sometimes being natural can look really complicated but if you’re prepared and well informed, your journey will probably go smoother than expected.

I’ve come up with a list of tools that is quite necessary for every natural girl to have. And when I say tools, I don’t mean products.

1. Wide toothed comb.

Detangling your hair can be a nightmare. Using a wide toothed comb to comb it through will make the job so much easier. I usually first rake my fingers through my hair to get rid of most of the knots and then I go through with the comb.

2. Micro fibre towel or an old t-shirt

If you can get hold of a micro fibre towel, yay! to you but I think the easiest would be using an old t-shirt. Rubbing a normal fluffy towel against your hair causes friction and may cause damage and split ends. And besides, towels are VERY absorbent, it will suck in all the moisture that’s supposed to go in your hair, into the towel. The smooth texture of a t-shirt will absorb less water and will not rough your hair up like towels do.

3. Spray Bottle

My hair is very thirsty, absorbing water very quickly. this results in my hair drying in no time when styling. It is really cool to keep a spray bottle filled with water nearby to spritz your hair when it gets a bit dry. All curly girls knows that it is forbidden to comb your hair when dry. Spray bottles are also used to make moisturizing spritz mixes such as The Mandy Mix or your own concoction to carry with you in your bag to keep you hair moisturized during the hot summer days.

4. Satin scarf, bonnet or pillowcase

If you’re like me and you too do Kung Fu in your sleep, a satin pillowcase will work best for you. I can never keep that scarf on my head right through until the next morning. Covering your hair with something as soft as satin will protect your hair from rubbing up against harsh materials that causes friction and damage.

5. Bobby/hair pins

One goes through these very quickly so stock up on them regularly. Don’t even get me started on how they get lost in your hair and find it next week on wash day and don’t attempt to look for it cos you’ll never find it. #TRUTH. These are great if you want to create some hairstyles.

6. Hair clips

Hair clips are much needed for sectioning your hair. It’s just easier to detangle your hair that way.

7. Hair pick/Afro comb

If you like your hair big, this is the way to go. This little tool will do just that. Just pick it a little here and there and BOOM!

8. A Diffuser

Everyone knows that natural hair and heat doesn’t go well together. A diffuser is a great tool to minimize the strain heat have on your hair.

These tools are what made my journey easier. Someone else may suggest other tools. Hope this helps in some sort of way.




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