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Prepping for BIG SCHOOL

I recently found out that my 4 year old needs to go to BIG SCHOOL next year. (He will be turning 5 this year.) How scary is that? I was fortunate to have Jody be looked after by a day mother for almost 3 years before he started creche this year. I was seriously under the impression that he’ll be attending creche for at least 2 years before he will be off to BIG SCHOOL. A blogger friend of mine recently made me aware that I need to register him at a school for NEXT YEAR. Eeek!!

This news kinda caught me off guard and I still cannot get my head wrapped around it. There is so much to do  cos I thought I still have another year left to prepare.

Angelique over at The Seafarer’s Wife wrote a cool post on the admissions process at schools. Go and have a look it it for a few tips. I am definitely taking her advice.

Wish me luck as I go about this business!

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