Natural hair art

I have been following two ladies pages for quite some time now and I can’t get enough of their art. Debra Cartwright and Nicholle Kobi are 2 gifted artists who’s work portrays the beauty of natural haired black woman so beautifully.

Debra Cartwright

Debra Cartwright is an amazing artist from Harlem, Manhattan and uses water colours to show off her art skills. her mom enrolled her in a water colour class when she was 8 because she kept on drawing Disney characters. Being a naturalista herself, most of her pieces showcases black girls with big hair. Have a look at some of my favourite work.

Nicholle Kobi

Nicholle is a French illustrator based in Paris. Her work displays the beauty of black woman with natural hair in every texture and form. Her BLACK GIRL MAGIC illustrations is inspired by woman and fashion.


Check them out on social media. Hoping this inspires some local artists.

Debra & Nicholle

Till later.



All images was sources from their websites. All images links back to their websites.

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