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My Top Tips for moms with 3 kids or more

If it’s your first time here, I am mom to 3 kids with 3 different personalities. In today’s world raising 3 small kids can be challenging and I want to give you a few tips to make things a bit easier and to keep you from getting overwhelmed by the sometimes chaotic situations.

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Here are my top tips for moms with 3 kids or more.

Get organised

To be honest, this is something I have yet to master. Sometimes I’m just a hot mess (like most mom are), and sometimes I’m super organized especially when it comes to getting meals prepped or ready. Keeping the kids’ room tidy? Well that’s not my job. This simply means that you need to know what the plan is.


Get your kids in a routine that works for you. When the older ones know what to do, you wouldn’t have to repeat yourself the entire time. Bath time and bed time should happen like clock work, unless something pops up otherwise.

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Divide the chores.

You certainly don’t have to do everything around the house by yourself. If everyone pitches in each day, there won’t be much to do over weekends. Azaria keeps the bathroom tidy. Jaymee sees to it that the bin is emptied and clean.

Forget take-aways

Okay, not totally forget about it. And besides the fact that it takes so long to be seated at a restaurant if you’re more that 5 people…take away food prices gets expensive. Incorporate take away night within your weekly cooking. Make it something fun to do as a family. I love to make Spur’s Nachos, everybody loves it. Also, try making gourmet burgers with different toppings and have your children name them.

Instead of going to friends, have friends over.

Its difficult to enjoy yourself outside of you home without the kids. I find that I am constantly worried that my kids breaks something that can’t be replaced or fixed. I also love having people over and being host.

Make having people over fun for the kids too.

To avoid having to listen to complaints or crying the whole day/evening, make sure you have something fun planned for the kiddies too. Set them up in a room with movies and popcorn or games or whatever you can think of that will keep them occupied. Just make sure you check up on them every half an hour or so.

So there you go. It’s not that complicated.

Till later.


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