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Easter weekend in a nutshell

Our weekend was filled with pickled fish, marshmallows and laughter. How is it that these good times pass so quickly? It’s like one moment it’s Good Friday and the next you’re back at work…tired. Easter weekend for me is all about family & friends who are like family…well, every weekend actually is. We had nothing planned besides me having to attend my friend’s bachelorette party.


On Friday we attended church and had an awesome time as we remembered that this weekend is not only about having some time off at work to spend with family but to give thanks and remember how Jesus died for our sins so we can have and experience everything that we have today. The afternoon I spent at my Mom’s ‘cos…where else would I get yummy pickled fish to eat?


After getting home just after 12 the morning I was up very early getting done to attend my friend, who is getting married next week’s bachelorette party. Just as I was about to leave home, I check the invitation one last time and realized I have the time WRONG. The party was only at 3pm and here I was ready at 8:15am. At least I could make a decent breakfast for the kids because Alan would have probably just given them some cereal.

After having the best time celebrating with my friend and some family at Chocolat Bistro my husband as well as the kids (besides Jody/ He went to sleep over at another friend of ours), we set off to my husband’s cousins for hearty lamb potjie while we  chatted and laughed until we realized we need to get home otherwise we will oversleep the next morning for Easter Sunday service.

Side note

Can I just mention what a gorgeous little place Chocolat Bistro is? Situated in Durbanville, it offers a cosy, French-inspired vintage decorated inside space as well as a terrace outside. This place is perfect for intimate get-together like kitchen teas and me-time with the girl friends.


After service I again went to my Mom – for lunch and this time lunch was on me. May I just mention that I was up early to cook and prepare the seafood paella that I promised her. This is indeed a proud moment ‘cos – I never cook early mornings before church. It didn’t seem to me that my Mom believed me when I said I’m bringing lunch ‘cos when we got there she also made Sunday lunch.  Well, nothing went to waste…more food for everyone!

Later the afternoon we decided on popping in by Alan’s Aunt and ended up leaving her house at 6am Monday morning. When we got there all her kids and grand kids was there, also spending the night and while catching up we lost track of the time. On Monday, after we got up from a brief nap, we stuffed our faces with cupcakes, marshmallows and Easter bunnies. Everything was totally unplanned and totally awesome.

It is so important for us, especially our for the sake of our kids, to stay connected and reach out to family if and when we can. We get older and we eventually leave and when that time come, our kids still have family to be there for them.

Hoping your Easter weekend was as meaningful as ours.

Till later!

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