Natural Hair 101 Series

Part 1: Getting to know your hair.

When going into a relationship with someone, the relationship doesn’t just flourish from the start. It takes time and effort and loads of patience to get to the point where both parties are happy. The same principles applies to your hair. Yes, your hair. 

Building a relationship with your hair

Wearing  your hair in its natural state requires just as much effort and patience as in a relationship with an actual person. It may sound strange or even ridiculous but it is what it is – a relationship with your hair.

My view

The first thing I always tell people if they come to me asking what to do or how to get their hair like mine. I tell them they will never get their hair like mine. My son once heard me say this to my neighbor and the minute she left he came up to me and says, “Mommy, how can you tell that lady her hair can’t curl like yours? You are chasing away your customers“. Apparently the hair business is my business.

Any way, truth is, her hair, your hair, everyone else’s hair won’t be like mine. Period! My reason for saying this is, just like there are no two persons on this earth that has the same DNA, the same with hair. No two persons’ hair is alike. There may be many similarities like, the curl pattern or density or porosity or what ever – fact is, it’s not exactly the same. And for that reason, what works for me, will not necessarily work for you. I will also say that it might work for you but not in the same way it works for you.

The natural hair community today

What I have noticed over the past year is that many people who have entered into this journey, made this decision based on the fact that it’s a nice/funky/super gorgeous look. Thing is, although it looks like a trend – I mean, have you seen your Facebook and Instagram feed lately?? – It is not a trend. For many it is a fashion statement. To some it’s a liberating experience. For some it is a sign of acceptance. And for others it’s the first step towards finding who they truly are.

My goal

It has taken me long to find the purpose of writing about natural hair on this blog and it has finally dawned upon me. I am very passionate about the movement and I am always open to share what I know and learnt thus far  in journey and the journeys of those I helped along the way and that is exactly what I want to achieve on this platform.

Stay tuned, follow my page. If you have any questions, drop me a DM, PM, email or whatever. Let me know what your concerns and struggles are. Let’s learn together.

Till later.

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