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Married at FOUR

I didn’t think that this day would come so soon, let alone my youngest being the first to tie the knot. Yes, apparently Jody got married at creche one day not too long ago. After telling his siblings the order of events, they asked himĀ  to tell me what happened when I gotĀ  home from work. www.curlyheadsanddimples.co.za
This is how that conversation went…

Jody: Mommy, I got married today.

Me: Really? Who did you get married to?

Jody: My girlfriend.

Me: Oh, I didn’t know you have a girlfriend

Jody: yes, Leah is my girlfriend. We go married today.
Jody: Byron gave me a ring and I asked Leah to marry me and she said yes.

Me: chuckles…but you’re too small to get married Jody…

Jody: no, I’m not. Tomorrow Byron is gonna give me another ring and I’m gonna ask Logan to marry me

Me: who’s Logan?

Jody: my other girlfriend

Me: you have 2? And you’re marrying both?

Jody: yes, they are nice. They have nice bollas (ponytails)

Me: but do they know about each other?

Jody: yes, we play together

Me: (walks away)

At first we thought that it was Byron who gave him the ring he used to proposed to Leah. Instead, he meant “Bai” which is what they call the guy at the shop down the road. It was a bit strange cos we haven’t heard him talk about a Byron before.

This was totally hilarious even more so when we tried to explain to him that you can only have one wife. And apparently there’s a third girlfriend, Amy. “Amy is pretty and very nice” – whatever that means, lol.

I will be keeping a close eye on him since this boy has more game than his daddy ever had.

Till later.

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