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The wait…is not over yet.

I seriously don’t know what the hold up is but I’m currently at that point where I want it to happen too. My 12 y/o daughter is still struggling to come to terms with the fact that everyone else around her is getting their periods except her. For the last two years I have been bombarded with questions about the how’s and the why’s of menstruation.

We’ve been over everything a million times before and we cannot stress enough on the point that everyone’s bodies are different. She just won’t hear anything about it.

On Sunday evening (I was in bed already), he came up to me and mumbled. “Mommy, I forgot to tell you. While I was chatting to my best friend earlier, she told me she got ┬áher periods. And she had it for six days. I can’t believe it. She didn’t even turn 12 too long ago. I was sooooo angry. But I’m okay now.”

End of last year when we got the news – funny how getting your period is news – that her cousin (2 years her junior) started her periods, she went crazy. “OMW Mommy. There’s something seriously wrong with me. Can you please take me to the doctor to have me checked out.”

The episode at the top of my list was when she called me into her room over a year ago asking me if I think her period will start May, June or July….really? How was I supposed to know?

As funny as it may seem, this child is far too eager to start dealing with what most women curse each month. We’ve been through the cramps, the moods, the uncomfortable feeling but somehow she still feels she “missing out” on something.

Try having to explain to your almost teenage daughter that that changing sanitary towels ain’t no fun and feeling miserable and crappy for a few days per month is not something to look forward to.

At this point I am praying for it to either start now or that she find something else to occupy her mind with.

Till later.

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