Women’s Day 2017

My family and I form part of a small(ish) church in our community. We have only recently joined the church and the kids love it there. 

Women’s day kind of crept up on us very quickly and in less than a week before the actual day, we decided on gathering all the ladies in church for a well deserved pamper session. Personally, I have only ever went for a pedicure at a salon once in my entire life cos I normally do it at home. For these ladies, especially the older folk, it was heaven on earth.

The order of the day

The “Spa” offered manicures, pedicures, shoulder and neck massages as well as having your hair blow dried and flat ironed. At first, I thought we bit off too much than what we were able to chew but I guess with a good team of friends we pulled it off.

All systems go!

I was completely stressed out when I realized what I have gotten myself into and the amount of things I needed to make things happen. But the cat was already out of the bag and it was all systems go!

The setup

Setting up was the easy part cos we knew we had to have a station for each treatment we offered. Four foot spas was set up in one corner together with some towels and a table with all the creams and soaks and scrubs – some of which I made myself. The washing and massaging of the feet was a job I gave to Azaria and one of the other younger girls.

We only had one station for manicures where my sister in-law did all the buffing and polishing.

Someone we know, who works at a salon, offered to treat the ladies to some gorgeous-looking blow dried hair.

After everyone’s feet was done, Azaria took to the massage station where she treated those who were interested, to a massage with a ¬†hand held massager.

Snacks and drinks was served and the day was done and dusted.

We were so lucky to have one of our ladies’ work colleagues give us all her Sh’Zen products to use for the day. I am hoping to plan another event of this sort, something better planned and when I have more time to gather some items for goodie bags.

Till later.

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