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Where have I been?

I know I haven’t posted in a while and I am just not going to make any excuses for it. Thing is, I have just been hectically overwhelmed with so many things in my life and this got me thinking about everything.

Where have I been?

The past couple of months I’ve just been trying to figure out what I want to do with my blog and what I want to achieve through it but to tell you the truth, it’s freakin’ hard!

Why did I start my blog?

My reason for starting this blog was because I used to get so many questions about my hair and my kids’ hair and I felt that writing about it, on a blog would eliminate me having to repeat myself to every other person. I also felt that my kids are cute and are very funny and because my colleagues always enjoyed the stories I share about them.

What do I blog about currently?

At this very moment – and every other moment prior to this moment – have just been winging it. I have been doing things my way, posting what feels right and writing about topics that I love like…

  • natural hair
  • reviews about natural hair products
  • my kids
  • a few recipes that I’ve tried out.

Although I am very chuffed about everything (almost everything) that I have posted to far, I am still not sure if it is helping anyone or if it is something worth reading or even sharing.

My struggle

I love to talk about my kids, they crack me up most of the time but sometimes it’s so difficult to put that moments on paper. I almost always end up with a draft that is too short to post or I feel that it’s not quite good enough to post. I love cooking and would love to share more recipes. Sometimes I would make a delicious dish (worth posting about) and I’d write out the post, telling myself that I have to make it again to take the pictures but those posts are also waiting in my drafts. I mostly get asked about my son’s hair and whenever we do the hair, he’s never in the mood for pictures or even a video. Bummer!

Something I haven’t posted in a while is outfit posts of my kids. I loveĀ  fashion and I love dressing my kids especially the boys because my daughter have just entered her teenage years (13) and is a teeny tiny bit taller than what I am and tulle skirts and pretty dresses is not up her ally anymore. So at the moment I just trying to figure out what suits her personality and body and what she likes cos she’s kinda less girly than what I’s like her to be which is something I have to accept and embrace.


I have also been trying to make over my blog design, by myself, because hiring a designer is just not in my budget at the moment or in the near future. I have been playing around with ideas but nothing really stuck thus far. So that is also something I’ve been working on.

Thank you

I love the feedback that I’ve been getting in the not so long time that I’ve been blogging and that is the one thing that kept me from giving up on this little space on the internet called my blog. I love the people that I’ve met and whose stories I read everyday. They inspire me. All the mom bloggers teaching me how to rock motherhood and the beauty and fashion bloggers showing me that by working hard you can achieve so many things.

So in closing, bear with me while I try to figure this thing out. As soon as I find my balance and have things figured out, I’ll be posting more regularly. For now I am still trying to stay active on my Instagram so you can see what I’m up to over there.

Till later!





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