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Failed Meatless challenge

About two years ago we started the year off with a 21 day Daniel fast. It went very well, so well that I continued to cut meat out of my diet for the next 7 – 8 months. After the fast I started to include dairy and eggs into my meals but after a while it got a bit difficult to keep up with cooking 2 meals each evening.  One for me and one for the rest of the family. Eventually I gave in and started to eat meat again.

I could totally see and feel the difference it made and almost 2 years later, I am trying to do the same. This time I’m trying to have my entire family join me in a hope to eat more healthy going forward.


Two weeks ago, I tried (but failed) to do meatless for an entire week and for a start, it turned out quite well. We only lasted 3 days because on the 4th day I had such an exhausting day at work, my husband suggested we get take -aways. We ended up at Ocean Basket and I suppose we could have made a better choice but the kids have been asking to go there for a while now.

I also tried to make meatless lunches for work and I packed sandwiches and fruits for the kids to eat at school.

Here are some of the meals we had for that few days.

Day 1
Lentil and chick pea curry with brown rice.

Curry made with chick peas and lentils. I added some carrots because I had a huge bag in the fridge and it made the curry taste even more delicious. This was served with some brown rice.


Day 2
Chick pea and black bean burgers.

We had the burger patties made with chick peas, black beans and some herbs and spices with a side of fries and greens. Even without the buns, everyone was stuffed. Total winner!


Day 3
Cauliflower and broccoli soup.

Thank goodness the weather played along and someone suggested that soup would be nice. My husband did most of the prep work for this meal, so when I got home, I just threw all of it together. This meal was served with toasted, garlicky panini bread. Yum


For lunch I prepared some salads or some of the previous night’s leftovers.


A few tips

A great tip is to cook enough brown rice and lentils before hand because this takes up most of the time. I’ve also found that stocking up on canned chick peas and beans and lots of fresh vegetable makes it easier to decide what to cook each day.

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Till later.

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