I’ve asked my 13 year old to review a product

A few weeks back I was sent a few products by L’Oreal/Dark & Lovely from their Au Natural range. Remember the review I did on this range a while back? These products caters to protective styled hair if one can call it that.

I’ve been trying to have someone install braids in my hair for quite some time now and for some reason it’s just not happening for me. Azaria on the other hand, has had her braids in since these products arrived and has offered to do the review for me.


Featuring new additions to the Dark & Lovely Au Naturale range

Anti Itch Scalp Soother
It has a creamy consistency that is applied to the scalp to soothe itching that normally goes with wearing your hair in protective styles.
Contains Jojoba & Peppermint oils that is nourishing to your scalp.
If you experience a tingling feeling, that will be due to the Peppermint oil.
It comes in a 250ml bottle and has a nozzle for easy application to the scalp and retails for R59.99.

Wash-Free Braid Refresher
This is a clear liquid that freshens up and adds moisture to your braids, twists, locs, cornrows, etc.
It contains Jojoba and Peppermint oils and has a fresh scent to it.
It comes in a 250ml spray bottle and retails for R59.99.


3 in 1 Cleansing Shampoo
Product is not featured in the video below but I have used it personally. If you have read my other hair posts you’d know that I love to co-wash my hair and this product is super amazing for that. It left my hair feeling soft, detangled  and fresh smelling. This product is silicone and sulfate free and contains bamboo milk and mango oil. It also comes in a 250ml bottle but with a flip top cap and retails for R79.99.

All 3 products are suitable for braids, cornrows, locs and twists.

I have always thought of her as a “diva” but I haven’t realized how funny she actually is. I was thinking of editing some snippets out but decided to keep it raw.  Check out the video and see for yourself.

If you have enjoyed this video/ review and would like to see her do some more, leave a comment below.

Till later.

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