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Bonding while Baking

When I look at my kids, the only thing I see is how much they’ve grown. It always seem that I’ve missed out on a couple of years. It may be that I’m a tad bit dramatic and that I don’t want them to grow bigger, but that’s just ridiculous. Right?

Two months ago I suddenly had a teenager in my house and for a moment I felt like I’ve lost her. By “lost” I mean, she drew back from me, or so it seemed. I have noticed that because Azaria is technically old enough to do everything for herself and doesn’t need me for anything, except money, I have sort of taken my eye off of her and placed it on those that needed me but as soon as I realized what was happening, I tried to “fix” it.

Having a relationship with my kids where they can freely talk to me about anything or come to me for advice and not seek help outside of our home, is one of my top priorities as a mom. Not having had that kind of relationship with my mom as n kid, makes me more determined cultivate a better relationship than what I had, with them.

Keeping the communication lines open is something try to work at daily. This wasn’t something I had with my mom which is why it is so important to me to build a better relationship with my kids.

Over the last year I’ve learnt that she have been dealing with a lot of peer pressure at school. The main thing I think was the need to fit in with her friends. This is something I picked up when she asked me when she’s getting her period because all her friends has it already and also the one day she told me her friends said she lost weight.

This year she’ll be going to high school and I’m kind of nervous for the part where she has to make new friends. Friends that comes from different backgrounds, with different views on life, those who have grown up differently. I know that I will never be able to know what she gets up 27/7 and that scares the crap out of me. I can just pray that she remembers what I’ve taught her and hope for the best.

I can also try harder at building a better relationship with her by bonding with her on other levels instead of having serious talks all the time. One way of doing so is doing something together and that thing for us is baking. I first had her bake a cake (from scratch), in the microwave and then she asked me if she can make some chocolate brownies. Both came out fantastic and there is where it all began. We started bonding while baking. She even came to me a few days later to say how much she enjoyed herself.

For Christmas I had her make and assemble the trifle from start to finish while I just gave the instructions. We ended up baking some more brownies in this week as well as some muffins. Next well be making some yummy chocolate chip cookies.

I am so excited for all the bonding sessions that will follow. I am already looking for some more ideas on what to do with my daughter. How do to bond with your teen? If you have any ideas, please comment in the comment section below.

Till later.

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