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The new school year has begun.

The busiest section in any shop this past few days is the stationary aisle because everybody is in a frenzy to get there kids ready for school. Last year this time I was ready and sorted and very proud of myself. This year I’m doing the  walk of shame because every tip in last year’s post, I didn’t use.

Late last year, my husband started a new job and was working right through the holidays and the only places we went to was the beach. So, if you’re wondering what my husbands new job and the fact that he was working the entire holidays has to do with stationary…I’m using that as my excuse for not getting the stationary…okay??

Azaria is going to high school!

Now that we got that out of the way, there are a few more things you should know. This year Azaria is starting high school and I am so freaked out about it that I felt tempted to not send her to school at all. Not that I can do that, but I really felt that way. Looking for a school for her was very stressful and the fact that I waited so long to do it, had resulted in some people (I won’t mention any names) calling me a bad parent. I didn’t know where to where to start looking but what I did know is that I didn’t want her to attend any school in our community. My reasons for this I will explain in another post (soon). the good news is, she is doing Grade 8 this year.

Jaymee is flying solo

Jaymee-Aiden will be doing Grade 6 this year and is super excited about it. I am really sad for the fact that he will be there by himself with no older sister to watch out for him. Or maybe he won’t be there to watch his sister. Last year there were lots of times when he came home telling me how Azaria is talking and giggling with the boys. It always ended up in a fight because in his eyes they were her boyfriends and in her eyes it was boy friends because in her opinion boy friends are better that girl friends. I am sure he’ll be doing fine since he still has a cousin at the same school.

Jody is not going to big school

This was the year that Jody was supposed to go to “big school”. I was just as nervous for that and you can read about it here. Jody’just turned 5 on 23 December, which is the age at which he should start Grade R. After a chat with his teacher at creche who had been prepping him to go to Grade R this year, we decided to keep him behind for another year. According to their observations, Jody is not emotionally ready to go to big school, which I totally agree with. Jody is a very clever boy and I am not mad in any way but keeping him behind at this stage is better that when he’s a bit older when more feelings are involved.

This year I’m feeling very positive and I’m hoping and praying that all my kids thrive in school. Although I’m not looking forward to all the projects and homework and studying, I am more than ready to tackle this year!

Till later.

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