We’ve started doing the PARK RUN!

For those of you who missed my stories on Instagram, last week we started doing the Park Run. I’ve been wanting to do it since forever but I always had an excuse for not doing it. My husband, Alan, has been on this healthy-fitness-feel-good-about-yourself buzz for a while now and it’s kinda annoying to constantly hear how we (the kids & I) should start an exercise routine of some sorts.

To tell you the honest truth, all of us needs it. Azaria has always been on the chubbier side and it looks like Jaymee’s cheeks is busy exploding. I can’t imagine Jody losing any weight cos if that were to happen, he’s legs will resemble two match sticks. I definitely have a few hundred kilos to loose so technically right.


last year some time when my gym membership expired, I cancelled it immediately. I couldn’t really get to the gym as often as I liked cos I simply didn’t have the time. I’m not a morning person so dragging myself out of bed in the morning for a session at 5:30 am just wasn’t realistic. I actually only ever did it once and it didn’t work because it was too much of a rush to get the kids ready for school and myself to work on time.


For a while (back in 2015/2016), I had a steady routine of getting home just after 6pm, jump into my tights and t-shirt, run across the road where I did some kind of HIIT workout with my neighbour in their garage where they have some gym equipment. This will be every Monday and Wednesday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I will do some Zumba or one of Jillian Michaels’ workout videos.

At the time, I prepared most meals ahead of time to eliminate the guilt I sometimes felt for not tending to my kids first. All of this took a toll on me when I added part time studies to my list of things to do. When I had assignment deadlines, my workout was cancelled and soon became less frequent until it stopped. To be honest, that time was the best I felt about myself in a very long time. I could feel and see the difference and it felt good!


Azaria and Jaymee’s tummy rolls and fat cheeks is not longer cute and regular exercise and healthy eating would totally fix that.  Zumba and Hip Hop Abs was something the kids loved to do in the afternoons but they weren’t always consistent.


So two weeks ago I gathered the troops and headed to Westridge Gardens where the park run was held. The first morning was epic. I had such a good laugh. When I got to Jaymee, he literally burst into tears. He was tired but I told him that this is going to be something that we will do as a family.


The next week we were back at it but with a little more enthusiasm. Even though it has only been two weeks, I am really enjoying the time that I get to spend with the kids and also starting a healthy habit in the process. The next step is to incorporate more time for fitness & exercise during the week as well as healthier eating habits.

Small steps baby, small steps!

Till later.



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